Summary of the consensus teleconference relative to the Red and White Holstein Show at the 2018 Spring Show


A teleconference with Red and White Holstein breeders was held on 22 February 2018. The meeting included a discussion regarding the future of the Red and White Holstein Show at the 2018 Spring Show. At the end of the meeting, the breeders and the Quebec Spring Show Committee agreed that:

• A Red and White Holstein Show (R&W), distinct from the Holstein Show, will be held at the Spring Show if a minimum of 40 animals are present on the grounds. In order to notify breeders, we ask that R&W Holstein exhibitors enter their animals or confirm the number of animals they intend to bring to the Spring Show by 16 March.

Enter your animals by 16 March at or confirm your participation at, specifying the actual number of animals you plan to bring to the Show and whether they are heifers or cows.

Another teleconference meeting will be held on 19 March, during which a decision will be made based on the number of animals entered at that time.

• The R&W Holstein Show will be held on Thursday, 12 April, with classes alternating with those of the Holstein Show in order to increase visibility for R&W Holstein breeders.

• The Spring Show reserves the right to combine classes to ensure a minimum of five (5) animals per class, in order to enhance the quality of the show. Moreover, both a Junior Championship and a Grand Championship will be organized for Red and White Holsteins.

• Should breeders so wish, R&W Holsteins shown in a R&W Holstein class may be shown free of charge in the corresponding Holstein class (held immediately afterwards).

Next teleconference: 19 March at 10 am

Here is the information required to connect to the meeting:

  • Number for the conference: 1-866-827-6872
  • Conference code: 2909337

If you are having difficulty connecting to the teleconference, please call: Angèle Hébert, cellphone: 514 346-4060 In the meantime, should you wish to express your views regarding the Spring Show’s Red and White Holstein Show, please feel free to contact Angèle Hébert at 450 778-9636, ext. 224, or at

We thank you for your involvement and ongoing support. Your opinion is important to us, and we will continue to work together to meet your needs.