Entries fees

Here is the cost of the 2020 entries fees approved the Quebec Spring Show committee.

Registration cost (taxes included):

  • Before the April 13, 2020 deadline on AssistExpo : $45 for the first 4 entries and $30 for all other entries (taxes not included)


  • By fax, post or e-mail or between April 14 and April 18, 2020: $60 for the first 4 entries and $45 for all other entries (taxes not included)


  • After April 18 or when an animal enters the fair ground without registration to the show : $60 if you already have registrations done and $ 75 if you have no registration done (taxes not included).

***Please take note that any registered animal will be charged and that the invoice must be paid even if the animal is not presented during the show or did not appear on the fairground.



Supply store

Supplies such as hay, straw and shavings will be at your disposal throughout the event.
Price :

  • Shaving : $4.50 + taxes
  • Straw : $70 + taxes (big bale)
  • Ice : $2 + taxes (2.7 kg bag)
  • Water :
  • Beer :

Dress Code

Concerning the dress code for the presentations at the judgings, a white shirt and white pants are required. We are asking for your collaboration in this matter.


The allocation of the sites for the exhibits will be done at random for all the breeds. However, breeders wishing to have a specific site must ask for it by email at hebert@holsteinquebec.com before April 15th, 2020

Please state which exhibitor or company your animals will be paired with in order to facilitate placement and avoid having to place the animal elsewhere. Also, if you don’t need the «water bowls» please advise the Quebec Spring Show team. If some material is broken, it will be charge to the breeder.


A parking area is specifically dedicated to trailers. You must make your request with the event coordinator. Spaces are also reserved for breeders needing to leave their trailers on the site.



You can rent a room in the fairground dormitory at the following cost :

  • Room with 2 beds : 30$ / per room / per day
  • Room with 4 beds : 40$ / per room / per day